mercredi 15 septembre 2010

EMC: A fall leaf, exactly two !

In one week, Autumn will be here, it is time for chestnus and walnuts! time for blackberries and hiking! wish i could have a walk in a forrest, really! I miss the scent of the woods!

EMC: something metallic

Finally i start again making drawings I like a little...
maybe the more imperfect the subject is, the more fun I have, it is quiet weird :)

EMC: a, a stool, as I have no chair!

THis is a stool I like very much, I've been growing up with it, would have liked to show it's true beauty... @_@

EMC: Something architectural

it has been a while since I posted something on my blog...
things have been quite busy at work, and there are some changes in my life...
some more or less good, but some really nice :)

I will post tonight very quickly, before going to bed, as tomorrow I will go to a formation.
I hope everything is fine for you!
take care, Liz

ps, I really need to draw more!

lundi 28 juin 2010

Two magicians...

THis is the second drawing for the book Yvonne wrote...
Until then, I think it has kind of moved people,and I hope it will keep doing so...
I post with this drawing the song, which has a very strong message...
a traditional Irish folk song

She looked out of the window, as white as any milk
And he looked in at the window as black as any silk.

"Hello, hello, hello, hello
you coal black smith.
You have done me no harm,
but ye ne’er shall have me maidenhead
that I have kept so long;
I'd rather die a maid-" ah but then she said
"-and be buried all in me grave
than to have such a nasty, husky, dusky, fusky, musky
coal black smith.
A maiden I will die!"

She became a duck, a duck all on the stream,
and he became a water dog and fetchèd her back again.

She became a star, a star all in the night,
and he became a thunder cloud and muffled her out of sight.


She became a rose, a rose all in the wood,
and he became a bumble bee and kissèd her where she stood.

She became a nun, a nun all dressed in white,
and he became a canting priest and prayed for her by night.


She became a trout, a trout all in the brook,
and he became a feathered fly and catchèd her with his hook.

She became a corpse, a corpse all in the ground,
and he became the cold clay and smothered her all around.


jeudi 24 juin 2010

The Little mermaid...

hi everyone!
it has been quite a long time since I last posted something...I've been quite busy with my new work, and mostly a few days formation for work...
plus i have extra homework for my dayjob...
Actually, i'm working on illustrating a book about love; This is a book Yvonne wrote, and this is a huge project, and I'm very glad that she entrusts me to the point to push the publishers to hire me for illustrating her book...

I have to acknowledge that it is kind of hard for me to draw about this subject.
Mostly as she picked up some parts to illustrate, which are very similar to some moments of my life. I'm kind of scared not to be able to show what she wants me to show, or maybe to be able to show it...

anyway, here is the first illustration, about the little mermaid...
The Hand Christian Andersen 's tale is about how we educate young girls to change themselves to be with a man, and about the loss of their trueself...
To be near her Prince, the little mermaid has to pay a very hard price, she loses her tail, and also her voice...and she also has to endure a physical pain each time she steps on the floor...

I choose to illustrate the part where the mermaid is swimming to the Sea witch's place, to give up on herself...this is a very creepy scene, and pretty violent to me, and reading it at 27, I find it still very scary....the pressure is so intense...

so here is the drawing, i still don't know if I like it or not, but I kind of like the gloomy impress it creates...I'm just very disappointed by the mermaid's face, but i cannor get rid of Ariel's face...damnit! lol

mardi 1 juin 2010

EMC: a book...

A huge hug to Cécile and Armel...I miss you and little Hector >_< is hard to be so far away from you!

EMC : A glass

crap i switched places...the order is broken @_@

EMC: something I like

EMC: a piece of fruit

duh, I don't have enought time to draw lately.....I shouldn't complain, I am just a part time worker, but I just feel like I don't have enough time to make things properly...
anyway, now you know how to make apple rabbits...

Emc: my foot

I really don't like feet...mostly mine...they look all blue and pale...and my ig toe is always up...
but I just have to deal with it :p

emc: a piece of clothing

I just like so much that juban, it is so soft, and teh colors are wonderful...I just regret not being able to wear it more frequently...sigh

Emc: something vintage...

It has been quite a while since I last posted something...
I've been quite busy, with my new job as a cooking demonstrator/seller. I have many homework to do, to become competent very quickly...
well, today homework is fun, I have to try a yogurt machine from Cuisinart, I tried to make soy/tchai/muscovado sugar yogurts...I have just 7 hours left to

Anyway, I am also working on a book with a friend, Yvonne, hope we will get published!!!!

now, I will stop are some drawings...

have a great day, Liz

lundi 26 avril 2010

everyday matters challenge 18: Something I made

everyday matters challenge 17: a view from my window

everyday matters challene 16: my favorite tool

everyday matters challenge 15: a tree

everyday matters challenge 14: what I see when I wake up in the morning

everyday matters challenge 13: my phone

everyday matters challenge 12: what I ate for dinner

shame on me, it was more than one month ago, and back then I wasn't really keen on eating...I forced myself to do so, and I think it can be seen on this I start again cooking, and it looks

Everyday matters challenge 5:my bed

It has been a while since I last posted something...due to my moving into a new flat, the fact that I got a new job, and also that I try to go out...
The new job is really wonderful, I teach some recipes daily, and also sell cooking supplies! it is nice to see lots of different people and learn lots of passionating things :)
now I can post the evryday matters challenge 5, now that I have a bed!
I hope you are all fine, Liz

vendredi 12 mars 2010

Everyday matters challenge 11: Glasses

As most of you know, glasses are really important in my life, I couldn't live without them.
I frequently say "wait, I need to put my glasses on, so my brain can work " ;D
I have one dead eye, and I think it makes my drawings kind of weird looking, I still wonder how it is to see normally, but would my drawings be the same if it was't like this?hehe hard question...

In our society, wearing glasses can mean many many things.
How many times have I heard I was ugly "because you wear glasses", or "serpent à lunettes" as a kid, or "intellectual" or "you look stupid" just because you wear glasses.
I'm lucky I wasn't born in the ugly betty era, or it would have been hell of a time at school lol...

Anyway, did you know that your sight determines and influences your temper?
How are YOU feeling about wearing glasses?

jeudi 11 mars 2010

Everyday matters challenge 10: hand

I really don't like when I draw hands, i'm so bad at it, I should make a full sketchbook with hands everywhere...

mercredi 10 mars 2010

Every day matters challenge 9:Organized chaos

Here I am right in time!
I hope I will be able to keep working like this...
But from the 15th, I will have 15th days without internet, so it will be pretty pretty rare for me to post something.
Hope you have a nice evening, take care, Liz

mardi 9 mars 2010

everyday matters challenge 8: Jewel

Tomorrow will be a more exciting drawing....something about lots of boxes piled up!

lundi 8 mars 2010

everyday matters challenge 7: Jar

It could be some eyeballs in formalin...but it not!
It is just a really good alcohol :) , ok I should filter the plums, but I think I have an idea about using it for making onigiri (drunken onigiri).

Every day matters challenge 6: Cécile's bouquet...

I skipped the bed for the moment, I will make it when I will have one ;)
So yesterday's subject was "my favorite well loved object"... I keep this one preciously in a box, with my mother's wedding's gloves, and an antique nightgown from the 1900's, until my father can make a box especially for it...
well, i think Cécile's watercolours are really admirable and you should check her blog...she is in my friends ;D

jeudi 4 mars 2010

every day atters challenge 4: teacup

oh crap, I really don't like this is so...cheesy and I don't like the line and colours...but I force myself to post it.
I have difficulties to make a drawing I like as much as the shoe...maybe because to me, the shoe is flawed , and for me porcelain and stuff like that are too perfect for me. ( don't misunderstand me, i like these teacups, they are just less funny to draw!) I feel more entertained when i draw things which have flaws, are not straight, and more detailed...I'm weird.
I will have to skip the step 5 for a moment, as I don't have a bed right now! I will make it when i will move to my flat :)

mercredi 3 mars 2010

Every day matters challenge 3: Wallet/purse

I hope I will succeed to keep up the work for everyday matters challenge!
The boxes filling is ready, I bought a new lamp for my bedroom, and new tea cups (I wanted proper tea cups for my good teas), now I am just waiting to leave the 15th...
now all of this is done, i can draw, as I haven't been able to do since I started dating Pascal. I still wantt o punch my faces on walls when i see what I do, but day by day, it starts to be a little would be great if I could spend at least every afternoons drawing! and I notice I start enjoying drawing again!
The thing I like with everyday matters challenge, is that I have to draw things I would not draw usually!

lundi 1 mars 2010

Everyday matters challenge 2 Lamp

Last day I've been acting like a kind of archeologist, going with a frontal lamp to Pascal's garage, to find my lamp, and a few other things I missed while living here...
Well, my lamp is a night lighter, and somehow I will try to get a new one when I will have more money, because, this one looks like it is an other me who bought it...was I under the effects of alcohol? I just wonder... :)
so, i totally agree with Armel and Cécile, it is hard to find an interresting lamp to draw!

mardi 23 février 2010

Everyday matters challenge!

Evry day matters challenge is a list of things to draw daily if possible...we've decided to make it with Cécile, to motivate will be nice to see each other's work, and what they are seing, and what they like!
I will probably not be able to start it truely before I move to my new flat, but I will be serious about it!!!!

perce-neige bouquet...

well, they do not look like perce neige, but it was nice to see some, I haven't seen some since my grandmother sold the house in froidmont!

teapot...the special one...

for Cécile and Armel... there is a beautiful story behind it ...


Girls in a teashop...

at "autour de la terre"...if you go to Orléans, have a stop there, Alexandre serves wonderful teas and hot chocolates, each very the place itself...



he is just SO CUTE *_*

Cécile and Hector...

Armel and Hector

Here they are! Armel just fell asleep on the sofa while holding on Hector hehe
Armel is Cécile's husband, but he has become a true friend during the last few years.
I always feel really intimidated when I see him drawing, and sometimes I want to punch him when he says he is drawing rubbish, but it is somehow a quality too :p
désolée fantômas :p


Here is a drawing of Cécile drawing me...I enevr succeed to draw her properly, but if you want to see someone who makes truely honor to her beauty, go and see Armel's blog :)
Cécile is one of my best friends, and I consider her like my sister. We can share passion for Tenacious D, Alan Lee, and mostly drawing!
She is also one of the people who always motivates me so much to draw!!!
PLease also visit her blog, she is a wonderful illustrator,and her watercolours just make me dreaming!

Cécile, Armel and Hector...

Here is a blog which means a lot to me...
I started drawing again in company of Cécile, Armel and Hector, their 2 months old boy.
When I arrived in Orleans, i was totally broken because of the breakup with Pascal, but by spending time with them made me realize many things.
I made the drawings on a Daler and Rowney sketchbook (like Alan Lee) Cécile offered me, as I arrived with almost nothing.
I will never be able to thank you hugs to you all >_< gnnn

so, for the first drawing, it is Hector, my filleul, and what to say about you? you offered me one of my first regurgitations ever! ahah, no seriously, Hector is the first baby I ever held in my arms. I am so fond of him! he is so soft like a peach, and it is so funny to call him naughty and seing him laugh! I also love when he holds one of fingers and falls asleep, or when he falls asleep in his parent's arms! I hope to see you soon cutie pie :* smooch