lundi 28 juin 2010

Two magicians...

THis is the second drawing for the book Yvonne wrote...
Until then, I think it has kind of moved people,and I hope it will keep doing so...
I post with this drawing the song, which has a very strong message...
a traditional Irish folk song

She looked out of the window, as white as any milk
And he looked in at the window as black as any silk.

"Hello, hello, hello, hello
you coal black smith.
You have done me no harm,
but ye ne’er shall have me maidenhead
that I have kept so long;
I'd rather die a maid-" ah but then she said
"-and be buried all in me grave
than to have such a nasty, husky, dusky, fusky, musky
coal black smith.
A maiden I will die!"

She became a duck, a duck all on the stream,
and he became a water dog and fetchèd her back again.

She became a star, a star all in the night,
and he became a thunder cloud and muffled her out of sight.


She became a rose, a rose all in the wood,
and he became a bumble bee and kissèd her where she stood.

She became a nun, a nun all dressed in white,
and he became a canting priest and prayed for her by night.


She became a trout, a trout all in the brook,
and he became a feathered fly and catchèd her with his hook.

She became a corpse, a corpse all in the ground,
and he became the cold clay and smothered her all around.


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