vendredi 12 mars 2010

Everyday matters challenge 11: Glasses

As most of you know, glasses are really important in my life, I couldn't live without them.
I frequently say "wait, I need to put my glasses on, so my brain can work " ;D
I have one dead eye, and I think it makes my drawings kind of weird looking, I still wonder how it is to see normally, but would my drawings be the same if it was't like this?hehe hard question...

In our society, wearing glasses can mean many many things.
How many times have I heard I was ugly "because you wear glasses", or "serpent à lunettes" as a kid, or "intellectual" or "you look stupid" just because you wear glasses.
I'm lucky I wasn't born in the ugly betty era, or it would have been hell of a time at school lol...

Anyway, did you know that your sight determines and influences your temper?
How are YOU feeling about wearing glasses?

3 commentaires:

  1. Me too ! Les lunettes sont l'écrin de nos yeux!

  2. Hello Liz
    Well a male colleague at work once asked me "why don't you wear contact lenses more often, you look better without glasses".
    I was glad he told me that; I could right away categorize him as the kind of man who would not see Superman in Clark Kent : a fool.


  3. oh Cécile! I LOVE YOU!
    you are precious ;)
    a guy once told me exactly the same, people have to be blind to react like that lol...
    huggles and poodles, Liz