samedi 30 novembre 2013

I wish I had had more time to develop more the scenery (but at the same time, the scenario asked for a room in whole dark).  Used ink (Windsor and Newton, which smells like fish), nibs and brushes :)

Storyboard part 2

Storyboard Court Metrange (beware, contains a bit of nudity...and blood).

Howdy readers!

it has been a while since I last posted something here! Almost one year ago, I moved to UK after an epic ferry boat trip, with Mr Carden and a very upset cat.
This year has been filled with job hunt, a few drawings orders, a zine fair (did I post about it?), and foraging, lots of foraging...
I finally have found a job, and will start on Monday, and I'm so very happy about it!

I haven't stayed iddle during these months of employement, and my biggest piece of work was a storyboard for the "court Metrange Festival. The Scenario is by Israel Madano. (let's hope it will be helpful for the following events for his work!).

I had already seen storyboards, like the ones from "the Birds" (Hitchcock exhibition at Pompidou, when I was in my cough cough....twenties), and also the wonderful Miyazaki ones, which made me melt.
But Never oh never had I tried to make one. It is quite a complicated process, mostly when you don't now how to. I want to dig it a bit further at some point, with documentation.

Anyway, it was an intense process, with a short amount of time to realize it (3 weeks in between job center appointments), and I made it. I can see I still need to work hard( hey I had not made any exhibition since last year;s surgery) but here is the result:
I hope you will enjoy! Elisabeth