lundi 4 mai 2009

Thabor Garden...

it took me quite a while to draw again, as I've had meetings about "enterprise creation"!
it seems I will have to do a lot (mostly earning a huge amount of money, to open "Au dragon buveur de thé). Now the concept is clear, and I've created a good amount of seasonnal recipes, and some permanent ;D...I keep the details secret, until it finally opens ( let's cross fingers!).

So, about drawing, yesterday I've been going to Thabor with Pascal, as he wants me to teach him how to draw (he will teach me how to fight as a payment). It was a premiere, and I'm happy my "student" was so motivated and concentrated!
I will not say I'm a teacher, it's most like we shared a wonderful time drawing together and gave a few tips"-(even if I should ask some first >_<)
it was really refreshing and motivating, because I love drawing with people who do so!
Pascal doesn't want to post something until he is satisfied, but I hope you will see his drawings later ;)

so here is mine, and I need a lot of practice too, and being really attentive, and rigorous like Pascal...