jeudi 4 mars 2010

every day atters challenge 4: teacup

oh crap, I really don't like this is so...cheesy and I don't like the line and colours...but I force myself to post it.
I have difficulties to make a drawing I like as much as the shoe...maybe because to me, the shoe is flawed , and for me porcelain and stuff like that are too perfect for me. ( don't misunderstand me, i like these teacups, they are just less funny to draw!) I feel more entertained when i draw things which have flaws, are not straight, and more detailed...I'm weird.
I will have to skip the step 5 for a moment, as I don't have a bed right now! I will make it when i will move to my flat :)

1 commentaire:

  1. Tu as bien réussi à rendre la couleur de la porcelaine, c'est tout joli :)