vendredi 12 mars 2010

Everyday matters challenge 11: Glasses

As most of you know, glasses are really important in my life, I couldn't live without them.
I frequently say "wait, I need to put my glasses on, so my brain can work " ;D
I have one dead eye, and I think it makes my drawings kind of weird looking, I still wonder how it is to see normally, but would my drawings be the same if it was't like this?hehe hard question...

In our society, wearing glasses can mean many many things.
How many times have I heard I was ugly "because you wear glasses", or "serpent à lunettes" as a kid, or "intellectual" or "you look stupid" just because you wear glasses.
I'm lucky I wasn't born in the ugly betty era, or it would have been hell of a time at school lol...

Anyway, did you know that your sight determines and influences your temper?
How are YOU feeling about wearing glasses?

jeudi 11 mars 2010

Everyday matters challenge 10: hand

I really don't like when I draw hands, i'm so bad at it, I should make a full sketchbook with hands everywhere...

mercredi 10 mars 2010

Every day matters challenge 9:Organized chaos

Here I am right in time!
I hope I will be able to keep working like this...
But from the 15th, I will have 15th days without internet, so it will be pretty pretty rare for me to post something.
Hope you have a nice evening, take care, Liz

mardi 9 mars 2010

everyday matters challenge 8: Jewel

Tomorrow will be a more exciting drawing....something about lots of boxes piled up!

lundi 8 mars 2010

everyday matters challenge 7: Jar

It could be some eyeballs in formalin...but it not!
It is just a really good alcohol :) , ok I should filter the plums, but I think I have an idea about using it for making onigiri (drunken onigiri).

Every day matters challenge 6: Cécile's bouquet...

I skipped the bed for the moment, I will make it when I will have one ;)
So yesterday's subject was "my favorite well loved object"... I keep this one preciously in a box, with my mother's wedding's gloves, and an antique nightgown from the 1900's, until my father can make a box especially for it...
well, i think Cécile's watercolours are really admirable and you should check her blog...she is in my friends ;D

jeudi 4 mars 2010

every day atters challenge 4: teacup

oh crap, I really don't like this is so...cheesy and I don't like the line and colours...but I force myself to post it.
I have difficulties to make a drawing I like as much as the shoe...maybe because to me, the shoe is flawed , and for me porcelain and stuff like that are too perfect for me. ( don't misunderstand me, i like these teacups, they are just less funny to draw!) I feel more entertained when i draw things which have flaws, are not straight, and more detailed...I'm weird.
I will have to skip the step 5 for a moment, as I don't have a bed right now! I will make it when i will move to my flat :)

mercredi 3 mars 2010

Every day matters challenge 3: Wallet/purse

I hope I will succeed to keep up the work for everyday matters challenge!
The boxes filling is ready, I bought a new lamp for my bedroom, and new tea cups (I wanted proper tea cups for my good teas), now I am just waiting to leave the 15th...
now all of this is done, i can draw, as I haven't been able to do since I started dating Pascal. I still wantt o punch my faces on walls when i see what I do, but day by day, it starts to be a little would be great if I could spend at least every afternoons drawing! and I notice I start enjoying drawing again!
The thing I like with everyday matters challenge, is that I have to draw things I would not draw usually!

lundi 1 mars 2010

Everyday matters challenge 2 Lamp

Last day I've been acting like a kind of archeologist, going with a frontal lamp to Pascal's garage, to find my lamp, and a few other things I missed while living here...
Well, my lamp is a night lighter, and somehow I will try to get a new one when I will have more money, because, this one looks like it is an other me who bought it...was I under the effects of alcohol? I just wonder... :)
so, i totally agree with Armel and Cécile, it is hard to find an interresting lamp to draw!