mardi 23 février 2010

Cécile, Armel and Hector...

Here is a blog which means a lot to me...
I started drawing again in company of Cécile, Armel and Hector, their 2 months old boy.
When I arrived in Orleans, i was totally broken because of the breakup with Pascal, but by spending time with them made me realize many things.
I made the drawings on a Daler and Rowney sketchbook (like Alan Lee) Cécile offered me, as I arrived with almost nothing.
I will never be able to thank you hugs to you all >_< gnnn

so, for the first drawing, it is Hector, my filleul, and what to say about you? you offered me one of my first regurgitations ever! ahah, no seriously, Hector is the first baby I ever held in my arms. I am so fond of him! he is so soft like a peach, and it is so funny to call him naughty and seing him laugh! I also love when he holds one of fingers and falls asleep, or when he falls asleep in his parent's arms! I hope to see you soon cutie pie :* smooch

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