mercredi 15 septembre 2010

EMC: A fall leaf, exactly two !

In one week, Autumn will be here, it is time for chestnus and walnuts! time for blackberries and hiking! wish i could have a walk in a forrest, really! I miss the scent of the woods!

EMC: something metallic

Finally i start again making drawings I like a little...
maybe the more imperfect the subject is, the more fun I have, it is quiet weird :)

EMC: a, a stool, as I have no chair!

THis is a stool I like very much, I've been growing up with it, would have liked to show it's true beauty... @_@

EMC: Something architectural

it has been a while since I posted something on my blog...
things have been quite busy at work, and there are some changes in my life...
some more or less good, but some really nice :)

I will post tonight very quickly, before going to bed, as tomorrow I will go to a formation.
I hope everything is fine for you!
take care, Liz

ps, I really need to draw more!