jeudi 8 mai 2014

Casting the runes-boxtale it evolved...

Lately I have really enjoyed discovering the process of creation through videos or snapshots, so here is my version...

Generally, for me it starts with a BAD rough sketch...I really need to progress on this. Funnily for this one, the first sketch was chosen! the other ones were too clean!

Then I make a more defined sketch, this time with a pentel pencil (these are really precise and make a clean work), and then I go for a traditionnal inking...
There is nothing like feeling the nib and ink flowing on the paper! well, a bit less when the ink smells like rotten fish like this one! I work a lot with tracing paper, to try out and see where things are better placed. THis time it required me to have the characters cut, so I could move it, a bit in a "paper puppets theater"way"

Here is the evolution of the project. I took frequent snapshots, so Noel and Antonia would not be worried as the progression was really slow.

Have a good day!

              I really want to improve my raw sketch technique, so let's work more this month!

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