jeudi 24 avril 2014

Here are the other drawings! Noel and Antonia had a very clear idea: they wanted a drawing looking like a photography...Noel's character had a picture of himself taken in that moonlit scenery. First the picture is normal, and then he sees a tiny black figure has a kind of "weeping angel" terror feel! don't shut your eyes!
I could not make four a3 drawings in two weeks of work, so I just made that scenery, and made the different bits separately. I did not have photoshop, so I made it the old way, by cutting with a very sharp scalpel. A bit of blu tack, and a scan, and it was done!

Funnily enough, this kind of lonely road, and hooded figure are recurrent in my work. When I was in my twenties, I worked on a project, named "the Psychopmpe". It was inspired by a recurrent dream  I was making at some point in my life. It was utterly terrifying, and I was glad when this dream stopped. In my dream I never saw the face of the hooded figure. Noel and Antonia wanted it to appear little by little, to be revealed for the last drawing.

For the last hooded figure, I wanted it to cling to the character, tried different bits, and my boyfriend suggested I made him lean closer, as if whispering. So I made it crooked and bended, a bit like the tree, with a tentacle like cape (ahh my late Lovecraft readings are also getting in my head).
For the face, I thought kind of mismatched eyes were important...with one really dark. I still think it reminds me of Nosferatu, but heh, I love my classical horror.

During all the project, I watched bad horror movies as I was working, to get into the mood. Why bad? because why wasting a good one? Just the  creepy sound effects and the half gazing helped me really immerse myself into it.  Mr Carden in the end, was really creeped out by the experience,  as it was two weeks of full horror at home! I understand why some artists have a special room now ;) (thanks Dave for bearing with me).

Well, that's all for today! Here are the dates of the show again, and their website... please go and see Box Tale's soup "Casting the runes", you won't be disappointed! I loved their adaptation of "Northanger Abbey", it was charming, funny, witted. You will absolutely forget that their puppets are puppets, very much like Jim Henson's puppets...

Sun 4th May, 8pm
Brighton Fringe

Sun 25th May, 8pm
Brighton Fringe

Mon 26th May, 8pm
Brighton Fringe

Sun 1st June, 8pm
Brighton Fringe

1st - 23rd August, 6pm
Edinburgh Fringe

Have a good day, Elisabeth neveux

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