lundi 20 février 2012

lots of everyday challenge matters...

well, I have to make up for non scanning for a while, i will also add some scans later, which were lost when my computer passed away months ago...hence the long long time without blogs....hope you enjoy, the sketchbook is nearly finished. I will start soon a new one, this one will be kind of strange, as I will have surgery for my middle finger, on the right hand, so, for a few weeks, if I'm lucky, i will have to draw with my left hand..I think it will be a good opportunity, and I hope it will make me evolve..well, i will have to just use my rotring, or dry mediums, as i cannot get my hand wet...anyway, it will be in three weeks, so until then , i better finish my everyday matters challenge sketchbook!

take care, liz

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